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This is me

Hey, I'm Sitara - singer, songwriter, producer and collaborator - in short, superhero of everyday musical life. I compose and produce music and videos in my studio X.1 in Cologne.

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Artist Bio

SITARA – indietronic songwriter, singer, producer and collaborator - in short, superhero of everyday´s musical life. Grown up in the colourful world of hippie communes in Europe, India and America, Sitara grabbed a guitar when she was 18.

She started writing songs and travelled the world till she finally landed in Cologne where she started developing performances with different musical projects – such as electronic jam sessions - and taught herself sound and image technology.


Today she produces music and videos in her Studio X.1. 2021 she decided to start a soloproject mixing indie with electronic sound. At this moment she is working on her debut EP „Marathon Girl“ which is to be released in May 2023.

„I create my own wonderland with my songs. I would like to encourage you to go your own way and to not always take everything so terribly serious. Life is full of surprises, like a kaleidoscope.“


Be wild be child – just be who you are...

My Music Projects

I make music in several projects. I love to express myself in different ways. 

Currently I am active with:

Planet Ö - music for children

SitnRudi - Singer/ Songwriter Duo with Rudolf Koenen 

SITARA - my solo project in collaboration with DJ Pawas, Rotoskop and Monotone

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Sitara Planet Ö
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