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Time to fuse our energies... 

I am really enjoying to work together with these wonderful producers, musicians, masterminds: 


Pawas Gupta

In the electronica circuit, DJ and producer Pawas Gupta, needs no introduction.


Pawas works in that space where melodies, musicianship and atmospheric sounds fuse to create intelligent house.


His music resonates his journey back from his early days as a DJ in India to turning into an independent producer in Germany



After releases as THE BLOOD, DIESEL and DIESEL CHRIST I started the journey this millenium as ROTOSKOP. I sent tracks to other artists who lent me their voices and completed my work. Amongst them were Phillip Boa, Foetus and Ruby.


The album ‚Revolution:Lost‘ came out in 2003. It was well accomplished and every mag was excited. Even without payola. The second album was a special kind. Because I heard DAZERDOREAL’s recordings after they separated. So their tracks went into the bottom drawer. But I took them, remixed and released them together with DAZERDOREAL as ROTOSKOP ‚Meet:Dazerdoreal‘ in 2004. We all gave a shit on sales strategies. The following years were sadly filled with failure, mistakes, doubts and wrong decisions.


So I worked on other artists tracks. Apoptykma Berzerk, De/Vision, Sono, Torul and Sea of Sin released their tracks with remixes of ROTOSKOP or my alter egos. Now ROTOSKOP is back again with self-confidence and a lot of music. So I decided to release 3 EPs with 6 tracks each in 2021. Just me - my music - my voice - my lunacy. And this will not be the end of the journey. 2022 starts with remixes that great colleagues sent me. It is still exciting.

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