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1.   Marathon Girl
2.   Just in Time (Radio Edit)

3.   Let go and Control
4.   Map in my Mind
5.   Careless Whisper (George Michael Cover)
6.   Dance my child
7.   Under your skin (Rotoskop Cover)
8.   From now to now
9.   Partout
10. Silent Snapper

11. Unchain

12. Let go and Control (Rotoskop Remix)

Marathon Girl

Collab with Pawas

The person who turns in the hamster wheel, faster and faster, more and more...
Sometimes I feel like a marathon in life. You have to persevere and know it's exhausting, but well - somewhere is a goal - or not? Sometimes you have to go back to the start, sometimes you get one on the lid and it doesn't go any further. But I don't feel like hurting myself again and again, but I keep going and on... race... create create.... STOP!!!!!!

This song has always been especially fun live together with bassist Michael Schäfers, who rocked an incredible bass line! 

Just in Time

Collab with Pawas

In times when I was doing electronic jam sessions with my Roland MC505, this song was created. 


It's about always being the right moment. That you trust that what you encounter is already what you should encounter and that it is absolutely okay not to take life so hard. I think this song expresses very well the playfulness of the music project "SITARA" and here the term "Indietronic" fits very well. 

Let Go and Control

2 Versions - Pawas and Rotoskop 

Lyrically, I find this piece to be my "masterpiece". It expresses very much what I feel. I often stand between the stools. 

I want to let go, but keep control. When I'm ashamed, I want to look the other way. If I go too far, I don't look back. When it gets hot, I freeze... 

The contrasts that make life so exciting. And in the middle I find myself.

Map in my mind

Collab with Monotone

It's about going through life light-footed and not always knowing what you want and should. But the whole thing can also lead to confusion. One thinks there is a higher sense, but what others call "divine" sometimes seems so distant... In the end, I find the security in me again... That's the only thing I can really grasp... 

Careless Whisper (George Michael Cover)

Collab with Pawas

When I started making music, there was this one piece where my girlfriend used to say, "Play this for me, I want to cry again." And she had to cry every time I sang it... 
When I started writing songs at the age of 20, I always tried to be influenced as little as possible. 

That's why it was always the case that I only played my own songs at my concerts. Covering rarely appealed to me. But this song by George Michael & Andrew Ridgeley has always accompanied me and now it was time to produce my own version of it. 

Dance my child

Collab with Pawas

This is an ode to my daughter, who always doubts herself and finds herself stupid. I tell her, be brave, you are great as you are! Dance through your life, dare to be wild and sometimes get it wrong! Don't listen to those who want to spoil your mood and don't let anyone break your courage! 

Life is great if you don't always do what you "should" do. If you allow yourself to be surprised. You have your life in your hands! You are the master of your world! 

Under your skin (Rotoskop Cover)

Collab with Monotone

This song is a song by Rotoskop that I reinterpreted together with Henning from Monotone. 

From now to now

Collab with Rotoskop

When this song was written, it was once again a key moment of my life. I was in very much grief because I had lost a child and the world totally collapsed over me and around me. The lust for life had disappeared.


That day I lay down on a meadow under a blossoming cherry tree. It was warm and the flowers were flying around me. It was just so comforting. Then a butterfly came and sat on my big toe. I thought for a moment if I could take him on my hand.


Then he flew away again. This picture of the butterfly visiting me very briefly to say hello to me, but which I can't hold on to, inspired me to write the song that I wrote down in one sitting under the cherry tree. A giant knot came loose because I had found a picture for my grief.  Live the song is always very moving and people like to hear it very much. 


Collab with Pawas

This is a gimmick with sounds and words – singing and breathing... 
Created in a time when I spent nights with my electronic toys in my studio Ö (see About me text) forging sounds and setting crazy ideas to music. 

Silent Snapper

Collab with Monotone

"Why don't you love me the way I am? Why should I be different? How can you say you want me and then avoid me? When will I finally be able to trust again? I wish to have the strength to find a new love. The belief that I can only lose anyway is so strong that I don't dare to try something new... " 

I wrote this story for a friend, who once again experienced a disappointed love.

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