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About me


Hey, I'm Sitara - singer, songwriter, producer and collaborator - in short, superhero of everyday musical life. I compose and produce music and videos in my studio X.1 in Cologne.


I create my own wonderland with my songs.

I love to play with words and put them into a (musical) form.

I summarize it with the question "Aren't we all a bit Ö?" and mean an attitude to life where spontaneity and lightness have a place.

Because I would like to encourage you to go your own way (sometimes to deviate from the socially trampled path of school-training-job-marriage-house-child) and to live in trust and joy. To be simple for a moment every now and then (with all the naivety, love and reverie).

I don't always want to have an answer to everything and I don't always want to take everything so terribly serious.

Life is full of surprises, like a kaleidoscope. The images and feelings change, sometimes very chaotic. Again and again now - now and now!

That's exactly what happens at my concerts.


That's exactly what happens in my music.

Here I would like to bring people together and create a break from everyday life, in which we are often driven by what we have to do and achieve. Must - must - must -without knowing whether we really want that.

I fell into a magic pot when I was a child

During my childhood I lived at times in communes where dancing, singing and trying out the wildest forms of meditation were part of everyday life.


My world was colourful. ​


Until my parents split up and I moved into a townhouse with my father. I went to a municipal high school, found my passion in jazz and tap dance and enthusiastically learned entire musicals by heart. ​


So while I was riding my bike, I sang "Maria's song" from "Line 1" or the Threepenny Opera up and down. ​My path often took me through an underpass... The reverb smashed back my vocals. I loved it!

Sitara in Indien

Just be - citizen of the world -  we all are one

Despite music and dance, I was not happy in the system of bourgeois life. I wanted to just be and didn't give in to the pressure from outside - to learn something "clever" and always have to know what you want from life.


So I grabbed a guitar, learned the first 3 chords and started writing songs. I dropped out of school at the age of 18 and traveled to India. ​


And so continued my journey through the world, always looking for the pearl moments, the magical. I wrote songs, I danced, I contacted animals through the power of thought, etc. ​

So one day in the Indian jungle I sat cross-legged on the ground with my drawing pad until I suddenly heard a rustling behind me and had this deceptive feeling on my neck that I was being watched.


I turned and there he was, a leopard. He watched me and I froze.

This moment changed my life and I humbly set out to find a home.

Electronic Music Session

My "Atelier Ö" in "Kunstwerk"

After a few extra rounds, I finally came to Cologne, where I was able to move into a studio in an artists' house.


From then on, this was the meeting place for many creative happenings.


For example, I became part of the "Electronic Ladiez" network, with which we organized concerts and jam sessions. ​ I developed performances, let off steam in solo and band projects and taught myself sound and image technology.


I found the love of my life and founded Studio X.1 with him, where we still produce successfully today.

Sitara in Panama

Become part of my story

I invite you to my magical world! ​


I'm starting a blog where I tell little stories from my life and share songs and videos from my past and now.


Be there and let yourself be carried away into the Sitara world! ​


You can also experience the birth of my new music project "SITARA"!

Sitara als Kind in Amerika
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